Are Wolves Afraid of the Dark?

Huw Lewis Jones, Sam Caldwell

Intrepid readers are invited on a field trip into the wild to discover whether wolves are as big and bad as we think they are.

In this worldwide adventure, readers get up close and personal with one of nature's most misunderstood creatures: the wolf. Packed with little-known facts about wolves' family lives, eating habits, and their connection to domestic dogs, readers will discover the secret lives of wolves and how to protect them.

For many people, wolves are the stuff of nightmares and horror movies, but the reality is that they’re among some of the most vulnerable wild animals on our planet. By following field guide Huw Lewis Jones and nature illustrator Sam Caldwell into the wild, readers will meet subspecies of grey wolf living in forests throughout Europe, North America, and China, as well as red wolves in North Carolina and other members of the canid family, including coyotes.

Along the way, aspiring naturalists will discover the difference between a timber and a tundra wolf, what traits wild wolves share with domestic dogs, and why wolf poop is so important to scientists!

Through entertaining and informative text and expressive illustrations, Are Wolves Afraid of the Dark? challenges the stereotype of the "big, bad wolf," passed down to us through fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, and shows that wolves are intelligent, sensitive creatures with far more to fear from us than we have to fear from them!


Huw Lewis Jones


Huw Lewis Jones is a polar-exploring author and naturalist who is lucky to have met many wolves in the wild. He is associate professor at Falmouth University, teaching natural history, and has written many books, including the Go Wild series and the Bad Apple series of picture books.

Sam Caldwell

Illustrated By

Sam Caldwell is an illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied painting at the Edinburgh College of Art and is the illustrator of several books for children, including Do Bears Poop in the Woods? and Do Penguins Like the Cold?