Do Penguins Like the Cold?

Huw Lewis Jones, Sam Caldwell

Do Penguins Like the Cold? takes readers on an intrepid field trip to Antarctica and beyond to discover the secret life of penguins.

Do Penguins Like the Cold? takes readers on a tour of the Southern Hemisphere to meet eighteen species of penguin and to witness the conservation work underway to protect these incredible birds and their native habitats.

By observing penguins firsthand, readers will discover whether penguins truly like the cold, how their diving skills make up for the fact that penguins can’t fly, and how to tell what a penguin had for dinner based on the color of its poo!

Along with zoological facts, field guide Huw Lewis Jones has some helpful tips on how to track penguins’ movements from space, on what prehistoric penguins can tell us about their descendants, and advice on what we can to do help penguins faced with a warming world.

Packed with information about penguins living in Argentina, Australia, Chile, the Galápagos Islands, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, and South Africa, Do Penguins Like the Cold? also gives readers a hands-on look of what it’s like to work in the wild.


Huw Lewis Jones


Huw Lewis Jones is a polar-exploring author and naturalist who is lucky to have met many wolves in the wild. He is associate professor at Falmouth University, teaching natural history, and has written many books, including the Go Wild series and the Bad Apple series of picture books.

Sam Caldwell

Illustrated By

Sam Caldwell is an illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied painting at the Edinburgh College of Art and is the illustrator of several books for children, including Do Bears Poop in the Woods? and Do Penguins Like the Cold?