Party Pooper

Huw Lewis Jones, Ben Sanders


It’s Granny Smith’s birthday party, and everyone is invited. There’s face painting, a pin~ata, a pile of presents, and one of Snake’s finest cakes …Bad Apple can’t wait to spoil the fun! But it looks like this party pooper’s luck might have run out. Pineapple has had enough of Bad Apple’s bad behavior and is ready to teach him a lesson.

In the third installment of Huw Lewis Jones and Ben Sanders’s hilarious series of picture books, a truly terrible piece of fruit is once more wreaking havoc far beyond the rim of the fruit bowl. Illustrated in a deadpan, painterly style, Party Pooper will entertain the entire family.


Huw Lewis Jones


Huw Lewis Jones is a polar-exploring author and naturalist who is lucky to have met many bears in the wild. He is Associate Professor at Falmouth University, teaching natural history, and has written history books about photography, icebergs, mountains, and maps. He is also the author of the Bad Apple series.

Ben Sanders

Illustrated By

Ben Sanders is an Australian illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne. He is the author and illustrator of My Book (Not Yours), I Could Wear That Hat!, and I’ve an Uncle Ivan. His clients include Monocle, The Wall Street Journal, Visa, and Cadbury, among others.