Art of the Celts: From 700 B.C. to the Celtic Revival


“The entire spectrum of Celtic art, with all its vibrancy, magical power, intricate pattern and ambiguity, is revealed in this splendid, concise introduction. It shows that there was no single unbroken tradition, but several diverse interweaving strands - each exemplified in the many beautiful objects the Celts created, whether decorative or mainly functional: elaborate weaponry, pottery, personal ornaments, enamelled bronze and silver, coins, and (later) illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. Increasingly influencing artists and designers and attracting a wider public, the rich treasury of Celtic art from the Iron Age to medieval Europe and more recent revivals, is celebrated in this volume.”

— Kirkus UK

The Art of Typewriting


“Creating art with a typewriter—a seemingly limited machine—was both an exercise in mind-boggling ingenuity and an acceptance of restrictions that seem out of joint with our era of Koonsian scale and Abramovicían ego. With more than five hundred illustrations, THE ART OF TYPEWRITING offers a sample of the quarter-million items in the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry in Miami—said to be the largest extant repository of such material—preceded by brief, illuminating histories of typewriter art and ornamentation.”

— Bookforum

“In an age of computer-driven word processing—Microsoft Word, Google Docs—the works here make for an especially prescient presentation. Time, energy, and struggle are evident in many of the pieces shown in The Art of Typewriting.”

— Surface

“This is an undeniably rich and plentiful repository of creativity….There's much to explore here for art historians, poets, linguists, book artists, and those simply curious about the multiplicity of ways that text can take on fascinating forms.”


“These creations are sophisticated works that wouldn't be out of place in a modern art museum.”

— Library Journal

“The Art of Typewriting destabilizes linear communication as words become objects and shared languages fragment… In the age of Microsoft Word, the typewriter has a nostalgic appeal, yet these works appear to exist outside time and place… The Sackners don't arrange the works geographically, chronologically or by artist but rather thematically: 'alphabetical texts,' 'texts of varying densities,' 'meandering texts and labyrinths.' The effect is a subtle, Zen-like respite from meaning, a calm in the midst of our communicative storm.”

— The New York Times Book Review

Art Photography Now


“A strong pick for anyone who wants to understand the art of photography and its full potential as a medium, highly recommended.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Unusual for a book of photography, the reader may take away more from the text than from the images themselves.”

— Photoshop User

Art Since 1960


“Unpacks the complex diversity of the art of the past 50 years, identifying and defining its proliferation of styles, forms, techniques, influences, and motivations…Highly recommended.”

— Choice

Art Studio America: Contemporary Artist Spaces


“Authors Maryam Eisler and Hossein Amirsadeghi spent a full year jetting and driving between the American coasts, peering into and documenting the private worlds of 115 artists.”

— Art & Auction

“In depth Q&As and behind-the-scenes photos capture the essence of modern art in this collection.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“Showcases photographs and interviews with established American artists in their studios.”


“The line-up is an A-list of anyone who's anyone in the contemporary art world.”

— Cool Hunting

“With interviews by leading art writers, the artists reveal not only their personal spaces but also their personal thoughts on everything from politics to passports.”

— Vanity Fair

“A sumptuous, heavily illustrated look at the studios of artists across the country.”

— The Daily Beast

“We find Laurie Simmons, Mickalene Thomas, Gregory Crewdson, and other darlings of contemporary art at their most open, poring over works in progress.”

— Architectural Digest

“A lavish compendium both trendy and archival, offering a snapshot glimpse and encyclopedic breadth…Recommended.”

— Choice

“Hossein Amirsadeghi's just-personal-enough questions elicit fresh responses from established masters as well as rising stars.”

— Sotheby's

“Not since Alexander Liberman's classic The Artist and His Studio …has there been a more ambitious undertaking to broaden the scale of this sort of book with revealing studio photographs while also including insightful texts and wonderful interviews.”

— The Brooklyn Rail

“Follows Amirsadeghi's successful Santuary: Britain's Artists and their Studios.”

— Christie's

“Explores the relationship between surroundings and creativity, contrasting intimate visits to artist studios with explorations of America's landscapes.”

— The Takeaway (WNYC)

“A Route 66 kind of journey across America's multifarious landscapes, stopping on the way to chat with a wide range of the country's artists and getting a good snoop around their studios.”

— The Art Newspaper

“Not since Alexander Liberman's classic The Artist and His Studio …has there been a more ambitious undertaking to broaden the scale of this sort of book with revealing studio photographs while also including insightful texts and wonderful interviews.”

— The Brooklyn Rail

“This beautifully illustrated journey through artists' studios provides an unprecedented look into the workings of one of the world's largest artistic communities.”

— Art New England

“One of Whitewall's favorite art books from 2013.”

— Whitewall

“Prepare to be dazzled by the workspaces of America's most gifted artists. This hefty survey shows the milieu in which these creators thrive…Smart essays by Robert Storr, Ben Genocchio, and Mark Godfrey provide context.”

— Art Desk

Art/Fashion in the 21st Century


“There are many striking and improbable images scattered throughout.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“A stunning new book…Explores the symbiotic relationship between fashion and art.”

— (The Wall Street Journal)

“Stunning…The interviews and photos shed light on such luminaries as Stella McCartney, Chanel, Valentino, and Marc Jacobs.”

— Woman Around Town

“The books …will thrill any fashionista.”

— Windy City Times

“Lavishly produced.”

— ProtoView

“A wide-ranging survey of the interplay between fashion design and the arts.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Prompts us to appreciate the world around us in a new way, no longer seeing clothing as a practical necessity, but as a statement of beauty and technical perfection.”

— Notions—American Sewing Guild

“The mashup of art and fashion has produced such inspired pairs as Cindy Sherman and Christian Dior, Jeff Koons and Valentino, and Louis Vuitton tricked out in Yayoi Kusama's polka dots.”

— The Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Visually exciting…An insider's voice is provided via the authors' conversations with designers articulating their views of how art affects their work.”

— Library Journal

Arts & Crafts of the Islamic Lands: Principles Materials Practice


“An excellent resource for art students and those interested in learning how to select the necessary tools and how to create traditional Islamic art…Recommended.”

— Choice

“Approach[s] Islamic art through a thorough study of the craft and process by which it is created, with significant attention given to the culture and history behind relevant artistic materials, styles, motifs, and methods…The depth of these discussions will prove invaluable to many students…The level of detail is nothing short of revelatory…Enthusiastically recommended.”

— Library Journal

“High quality and designed to be beautiful.”

— ProtoView

Asylum of the Birds


“Ballen is at play all the time…We read these images as those of a sinister jester wreaking havoc on division of fact and fiction.”


“Strangeness is the language that photographer Roger Ballen cultivates in his unsettling work.”

— ARTnews

“Ballen sets up scenes that are striking and dramatic…Any collection strong in modern art photography will find this an addition.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Ballen creates a metaphysical world that dances the line between dream and nightmare.”

— Protoview

“The asylum can be either a refuge or a place of madness. In Roger Ballen's new book, Asylum of the Birds, it's both.”

— Lens, The New York Times Photography Blog

“Forever inhabiting the darker depths, Ballen's latest subject is an abandoned house in Johannesburg haunted by a cast of quasi-anonymous refuges and a flock of unruly birds.”

— TIME LightBox

“Combine[s] the fantastical with the unsettling…Ballen's images tap into a tension that for many, like a good rubbernecking, links the distressing with the entrancing.”

— VMAN Magazine

“These images explore that moment or place or brain trick where the hideous becomes the beautiful. It's not that perspective shifts from one to the other but rather that it lingers in the balance of both.”

— Red Room

“Filled with Ballen's stream-of-consciousness imagery.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“A revelation…Iconography liberated from narratives re-forms itself as wordless poems from the mind of Roger Ballen.”

— L'Oeil de la Photographie

“Ballen straddles the line between photography and image making, and Asylum of the Birds is full of this tension…To look at Ballen's photographs is to enter into some sort of dream state. On first blush, the images seem grotesque, terrifying even, but as they become more familiar, there is a certain fantastic, magical quality, the jumble of the subconscious situated very intentionally by an expert interpreter of our dreams.”

— The Picture Professional

“If we're inside the photographer's head, it's a scary place to be. The playful, antic moments in his earlier work are overshadowed by a somber, pessimistic mood—a sense of the world in fragments, spinning out of control.”

— Vince Aletti Camera

At Home in Greece


“Guaranteed to inspire.”

— BBC Homes & Antiques

“If you always return from Greece longing for your home to have some of that Greek chic, you'll pick up plenty of ideas here.”

— Greece

The Atlas of the Real World: Mapping the Way We Live


“Will change the way we look at geography.”

— Booklist

“Anyone with a yen for maps and statistics will be endlessly fascinated by this tome.”

— Chicago Tribune

“Sets out to inform us of the ever-changing world around us in a visual way that conveys tremendous statistical data …endlessly informative.”

— Anthem

“My candidate for 2008's most mesmerizing book.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

Author, No. 1


AUTHOR is unlike anything the print media has seen, with gilded pages ensconced inside black linen cover with a tip on photograph featuring one of four of the top models in the industry today: Chiharu Okunugi, Katlin Aas, Aymeline Valade, and Ajak Deng. Crack it open and you will discover a new world of luxury publishing that creates a seamless journey through fashion, photography, and art.”

— Crave Online

Avant Gardeners


“The garden book equivalent of an amusement park.”

— Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“For gardeners who are starting to yawn, this is a book to wake up to.”

— Arizona Republic



“This updated, beautifully bound volume looks at purses and handbags primarily from London's Victoria & Albert Museum. Fashion curators and coauthors Wilcox and Currie trace the development of bags in the 16th century through the designer 'it' bags of the 2000s.”

— Library Journal



“This well-researched and well-designed publication will appeal to readers with an interest in haute couture and fashion history.”

— Choice

“Recommended for anyone interested in the history of fashion.”

— Library Journal