The Super Bloom Handbook Maximum Flowers. Minimum Effort.

Jac Semmler

The essential guide to growing flowers for people who "can't grow flowers."

Whatever your struggle, whether lack of space, unpredictable climate, or lack of sun, leading plant specialist (and flower whisperer) Jac Semmler will introduce you to forty of the most beautiful and easiest flowers to grow in any garden, pot, or box. You’ll learn the basics for how to care for each new flower friend, with key information on planting, watering, fertilizing, deadheading, and cutting back.

Start small, gain confidence, and grow your way to a floral wonderland.


Jac Semmler


Jac Semmler is foremost a plant lover. Known for her big laugh, Jac tends to Super Bloom—a creative plant practice that brings dynamic, living beauty and diversity to landscapes, places, and creative projects, exploring gardening as an immersive art form. Her first book, Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener, was published in 2023. Jac is a respected horticulturalist and recognized innovator in dynamic planting design. As a plant advocate, she shares garden dreams and schemes as a regular contributor, curator, and “gardener in residence” to institutions, festivals, radio, podcasts, and publications, including Wonderground.