Super Bloom A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener

Jac Semmler

A reinvention of the flower and gardening encyclopedia. From Achillea (yarrow) to zinnia, here are seventy-five plant profiles of the most beautiful flowers and foliage to bring shape, color, and beauty to any garden.

A super bloom is a natural phenomenon in which climate and conditions align to allow plants to flower in such abundance that they transformthe landscape, bathing it in color. When a super bloom arises, it is a miraculous sight.

Super Bloom is a love letter to flowers. It is a manifesto for maximum plants, maximum flowers, maximum beauty. It is perfect for the current time and trends. It also shows how to create your own super bloom.

Leading plant specialist Jac Semmler revives the appeal of treasured, old-world, beautiful flowers for the modern garden. This is a comprehensive gardening how-to for beginners and experts alike, including care and growing notes; natural parameters (such as location, climate, and aspect); where to source your plants, with suppliers all over the world; plant biology; soil ecology; tips on harvesting, conditioning,and arranging cut flowers; and more. Innovative, immersive photographs by Sarah Pannell illustrate gardening techniques as well as offering a breathtaking bee’s-eye view of the garden. Look out for the incredible array of Planting Partners for each plant; whether you want to plant a garden that flowers in succession, group your plants by height or color, or find flowers with similar growing conditions.

Natural beauty nourishes something deep within us. Whether it’s seeing a meadow of grasses or wildflowers, marveling at the smell ofa particular rose, or watching tulip heads wilt and drop, these are the moments that make us human, that connect us to the world, and remind us that beauty is everywhere. Super Bloom is a modern gardening classic.


Plant specialist Jac Semmler packs this book with ideas… Large, alluring photos make this a wonderful book to flip through as well… An excellent guide that includes resources to cultivate gardens all over the world. A fantastic choice to add to gardening collections.

— Library Journal (starred review)

In this comprehensive gardening how-to for both beginners and experts, Semmler explores the appeal of treasured and old-world flowers for the modern garden, with care and growing notes for more than 70 plants.

— Detroit News

Jac [Semmler] has taken special care cataloging an incredibly impressive number of flowers for this tome. Not only is it packed with tips on how to care for and grow each bloom, but it also includes companion-planting suggestions plus inspiration on how to implement pairings in different styles of gardens. This is a new modern garden staple.

— Sunset


Jac Semmler


Jac Semmler is foremost a plant lover. Known for her big laugh, Jac tends to Super Bloom—a creative plant practice that brings dynamic, living beauty and diversity to landscapes, places, and creative projects, exploring gardening as an immersive art form. Her first book, Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener, was published in 2023. Jac is a respected horticulturalist and recognized innovator in dynamic planting design. As a plant advocate, she shares garden dreams and schemes as a regular contributor, curator, and “gardener in residence” to institutions, festivals, radio, podcasts, and publications, including Wonderground.