The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers And Other Gruesome Tales

Jen Campbell, Adam de Souza

In this collection, fourteen of fairy tales from around the world are retold for young readers, restored to their original, grisly versions.

Do you dare read this collection of terrifyingly gruesome tales? In this gripping volume, author Jen Campbell offers young readers an edgy, contemporary, and inclusive take on classic fairy tales, taking them back to their gory beginnings while updating them for a modern audience with queer and disabled characters and positive representation of disfigurement.

Featuring fourteen short stories from China, India, Ireland, and across the globe, The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers is an international collection of the creepiest folk tales. Illustrated with Adam de Souza’s brooding art, this book’s style is a totally original blend of nineteenth-century Gothic engravings meets moody film noir graphic novels. Headlined by the Korean tale of a carnivorous child, The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers is a truly thrilling gift for brave young readers.


Gleefully retold by Campbell, traditional tales from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and Central America…reflect a more inclusive worldview, with queer and disabled protagonists of many ethnicities… De Souza's conventionally hip, cartoonish illustrations blunt the well-told tales' sharp edges, but not their messages of resourcefulness and diversity.

— Publishers Weekly


Jen Campbell


Jen Campbell is a Sunday Times bestselling author and award-winning poet. She is the author of ten published books of nonfiction, poetry, short stories, and children's books. Jen specializes in the history of fairy tales and the representation of disfigurement, giving guest lectures at universities, museums, and book festivals on this topic. Her video installation on the history of fairy tales is currently part of an exhibition at Suffolk University, Boston, MA. Jen's YouTube channel, which has over 57,000 subscribers, includes popular vlogs on the history of fairy tales.

Adam de Souza

Illustrated By

Adam de Souza is an illustrator and comic artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His clients include Vice, Globe and Mail, and Live Magazine.