Why Don't Fish Drown? And Other Vital Questions About the Animal Kingdom

Anna Claybourne, Claire Goble

A fun introduction to the world of animals and some of nature’s tricky questions

Why Don’t Fish Drown? is an irreverent and informative introduction to tricky questions about natural history, getting to the heart of the fascinating world of the animal kingdom and its varied cast. Why don’t humans have tails? Why can’t my dog talk to me? Why does a shark need such big teeth?

Why Don’t Fish Drown? encourages children to start asking and answering questions for themselves. The book is structured around twenty-two questions. Each section explores the question and answer with detailed illustrations, photographs, or diagrams and then asks further questions on a similar theme to help build an understanding of how some animals share characteristics while others may adapt in different ways to survive in the same environment.

Lighthearted but sophisticated and inventive in its content, Why Don’t Fish Drown? is a provocative introduction to natural history that enables children to feel confident asking and investigating the questions that interest them most.


Anna Claybourne


Anna Claybourne is a children’s author based in Scotland. She has written several books on natural history, and her most recent book, Make It Splash!, won the 2016 Teachers’ Choice Award.

Claire Goble

Illustrated By

Claire Goble is a London-based illustrator, animator, and designer whose clients include BBC and Nickelodeon. She illustrated Why Is Art Full of Naked People? and Why Don’t Fish Drown?.