The Brainiac's Book of the Climate and Weather

Rosie Cooper, Harriet Russell

A fresh approach to science for young brainiacs, this book on climate and weather includes incredible but true stories, interactive activities, and quirky infographics.


What’s the difference between climate and weather? How do we know the climate is changing? The need-to-know answers to these and many other pressing questions are explained in this volume through incredible stories, infographics—including how many farts animals add to the atmosphere each year—and fun activities like engineering a solar oven from a pizza box. Budding brainiacs will love reading “Need- to- Know” stories, diving into interactive “Try This” activities, and building a trove of fascinating facts from a series of infographic “Data Dumps.”

Featuring the artwork of Harriet Russell, the illustrator of the bestselling This Book Thinks You’re a …series, The Brainiac’s Book of Climate and Weather demonstrates how fun and relevant science is to our everyday lives. This brainiac’s book makes the subject interactive, interesting, and easy to relate to for young readers.


Rosie Cooper


Rosie Cooper is a London-based IT specialist with an MA in geography. She is a podcast maven with a love of deep-dives into the internet, as well as the great outdoors, extreme weather, and true crime stories. This is her first book for children.

Harriet Russell

Illustrated By

Harriet Russell is a London-based artist. She has written and illustrated eight books for children and is the illustrator of the activity series This Book Thinks You’re a …, which has sold in over twenty languages.