The Happy Prince A Tale by Oscar Wilde

Maisie Paradise Shearring

A beautifully illustrated retelling of Oscar Wilde’s classic story

Originally published by Oscar Wilde in 1888, The Happy Prince is the much- loved story of a gilded statue, a kind- hearted Swallow, and generosity of spirit. A Swallow bound for Egypt takes refuge at the feet of a golden statue of a prince erected in a European town, agreeing to bring pieces of the statue to less fortunate city dwellers at the request of the prince himself.

Illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearring offers a lively take on this well- known tale, creating each scene in whimsical detail. This fresh perspective appeals to a new generation of children, while imparting an important life lesson at the same time.


Shearring’s illustrations are attractive and interesting… This adaptation of Wilde’s well-known tale of friendship between a beloved prince’s statue and a swallow on the way to its winter home in Egypt emphasizes the fantasy of the original.

— School Library Journal


Maisie Paradise Shearring


Maisie Paradise Shearring is an illustrator. She is the recipient of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair International Award for Illustration 2015.