The Art of Cake The Crème de la Crème of the World's Favorite Desserts

Alice Oehr

For dessert lovers everywhere, a mouthwatering illustrated history of cakes from around the globe.

Discover fifty of the most beloved cakes from around the world in this delectable guide to a classic dessert. Each delicacy comes to life through the charming writing and delightful illustrations of Alice Oehr, who has fun facts and origin stories for everything from Boston cream pie and Baked Alaska to tiramisu and Black Forest cake.

With Oehr, cake becomes so much more than its flavor. Ingredients reflect the time and place in which the recipe was developed, baking methods are a testament to long-standing tradition, and decorations embrace the creativity inherent in favorite desserts. Together, these are the touches that make each cake so cherished in its country of origin.

For readers who want to roll up their sleeves and head straight to the kitchen, Oehr offers an appendix of easy-to-follow, homespun recipes. Whether you dream of baking a classic, aspire to a grandiose new dessert, or just want to revel in the sheer volume of glorious cakes that the world has to offer, this book is for you.


Alice Oehr


Alice Oehr is a designer and illustrator from Melbourne. Her distinct, colorful style incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage, and drawing with many of her ideas having made their way onto textiles and homewares and into magazines. Alongside illustration and design, Oehr teaches still-life classes. She has previously illustrated Happiness Is Baking, Around the World in 80 Cocktails, Taco-topia, and Australia, among others.