Soil to Table Recipes for Healthy Soil and Food

Bridget Elworthy, Henrietta Courtauld

Reflecting on the link between the health of our soil and what we eat, Soil to Table is filled with ideas and wisdom about how to care for your soil and includes recipes from chef Lulu Cox.


Soil is a delicate ecosystem made up of minerals, water, air, plant roots, organic matter, insects, and a complex web of microorganisms. We rely on its health for our food and our future. Just as caring for the gut flora within our intestines is vital to human health, caring for the microbes in the soil is the essence of soil health.

Following on from their best-selling book The Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers, authors and gardeners Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld explore the full cycle of soil to table. From the microbes in the soil to the seasoning in your dishes, each plays an important role in enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal.

With recipes from chef Lulu Cox and paintings by Nancy Cadogan, Soil to Table: Recipes for Healthy Soil and Food is a celebration of the garden and an informative guide on cultivating healthy soil to produce the most delicious meals.


Bridget Elworthy


Bridget Elworthy trained and worked as a lawyer before studying garden design. In 2012, she launched The Land Gardeners with Henrietta Courtauld and now specializes in creating productive and environmentally friendly gardens.

Henrietta Courtauld


Henrietta Courtauld also trained and worked as a lawyer before studying garden design. She went on to work with landscape and garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith and then started her own garden design business