Italian Coastal Recipes and Stories From Where the Land Meets the Sea

Amber Guinness

Amber Guinness goes to the seaside: sixty recipes from across the Mediterranean, from the Tuscan archipelago to Sicily.

"With so much volcanic activity, the soil surrounding Vesuvius, Etna, and Vulcano are rich with minerals that make the vegetables grown in these areas even more bountiful and intense in flavor than in other parts of the Southern Mediterranean."

Amber Guinness has spent thirty years exploring the Tyrrhenian waters, from the Tuscan coast to Sicily and the Amalfi coast. She spends every summer on the tiny island of Salina. This new book is inspired by the markets and food of summer holidays by the beach. Guinness brings her lifelong connection to Italy together with her intuitive food, art, and knowledge of history.

Filled with delicious and achievable recipes, as well as sumptuous travel and food photography, Italian Coastal is a fusion of memoir, travelogue, and recipe book designed to transport readers to the sunny Mediterranean.


Amber Guinness


Amber Guinness was born in London and grew up in Tuscany. She studied history and Italian literature at the University of Edinburgh, working as a cook in both London and Italy in her spare time. In 2014, she cofounded the Arniano Painting School, a residential painting holiday designed to breathe life back into her family home after her father's death. These artists' retreats are centered around creativity and food, and have been featured in The New York Times, House & Garden, and various other international magazines. Amber now lives in Florence. A House Party in Tuscany was her first book.