A Train Journey

Gérard Lo Monaco

Charming and picturesque, A Train Journey brings iconic trains to life in three-dimensional pop-ups!

In A Train Journey, readers will meet four iconic trains that changed the history of railroad. Each of the four picturesque pop-ups inside depicts a historic train—George Stephenson’s Rocket, one of the earliest steam locomotives; the Elevated Railway in Brooklyn; the Flying Scotsman; and the Japanese bullet train or Shinkansen—in its own environment. Gérard Lo Monaco’s charming illustrations lend spectacular depth and detail to this book that will delight children and train lovers alike.


The design allows viewers to take long, close looks at the engines, stations, and crowds of small, bustling figures in period dress… Young trainiacs will happily climb aboard.

— Kirkus Reviews


Gérard Lo Monaco


Gérard Lo Monaco is an Argentinian illustrator and paper engineer based in Paris. He has been art director at some of the most prestigious illustrated publishing houses, including Albin Michel and Hélium. His pop-up version of The Little Prince has sold over 900,000 copies. He is also the creator of Sea Voyage and A Train Journey.