Glow The Wild Wonders of Bioluminescence

Jennifer N R Smith

The astonishing phenomenon of bioluminescence is brought to life in vivid detail by scientific illustrator Jennifer N. R. Smith—featuring a colorful palette that seems to glow on the page.

The natural world is an infinite source of wonder, and the phenomenon of bioluminescence is no exception. Glow explores the remarkable way creatures light up of their own accord, and what we can learn from their incredible glow-in-the-dark abilities. Written and illustrated by Jennifer N. R. Smith, Glow takes readers on a magical journey to the deepest ocean trenches, through winding networks of caves, and into the dark of the forest to experience the marvel of bioluminescence.

The first in a series of nonfiction children’s books exploring natural phenomena, Glow introduces readers to creatures that glow in the dark, including anglerfish, firefly squid, lanternfish, the glowing sucker octopus, Flor de Coco, and Honey fungi, as well as hosts of fireflies and glowworms. It also celebrates the scientists and deep-sea explorers who have traveled to the darkest and most dangerous corners of the planet to study bioluminescence. Combining natural history with STEM, Glow considers how bioluminescence works and what we can learn from it, including ways to prevent climate change and tackle pollution.


Visually stunning… Illustrations…shine in the oversized book format. UV ink technology lends an eye-popping phosphorescent effect to the wildlife and flora that adorn the pages, and short paragraphs of informational text pack a hefty dose of scientific knowledge. This brilliant dive into all things literally bright and beautiful is custom-made for curious upper-elementary scientists, though younger children and adults may also fall in love with the sheer beauty of the artwork.

— Shelf Awareness (starred review)


Jennifer N R Smith


Jennifer N. R. Smith is an award-winning illustrator based in Bristol and the author of Glow. She has a BA in fine arts and is certified in scientific illustration with the Medical Artists’ Association. In 2023, Glow was shortlisted for four AOI World Illustration Awards.