A Sea Voyage

Gérard LoMonaco


Boats come in all shapes and sizes, and children will be enchanted by the range illustrated here in three dimensions as they follow a single boat across the sea and discover fellow vessels. With six three-dimensional pop-up paper designs brought to life in color by illustrator and pop-up book expert Gérard Lo Monaco, A Sea Voyage will fire the imaginations of sailors and explorers both young and old, and offer children an exciting way to discover different ways to journey across the sea.


A lovely nautical excursion that brings a ship-in-a-bottle intricacy to each page. Moody seascapes that wouldn't be out of place on a vintage watercolor tin spring to life in elegant pop-ups as Lo Monaco showcases six sea vessels, including a lifeboat, caravel, tall ship, and ocean liner. Brief accompanying rhymes have the air of sung chanteys, and background details about the boats' origins, feats, and specifications are included.

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

This jaunty, rhyming maritime adventure about two sailors and a dog showcases an eclectic fleet of spectacularly crafted pop-up boats. Celebrated Argentinian paper engineer Gérard Lo Monaco outdoes himself in A Sea Voyage. Fans of all things nautical will be over the moon.

— Shelf Awareness


Gérard LoMonaco


Gérard Lo Monaco is an illustrator from Argentina based in Paris. His other books include Madame Sonia Delaunay: A Pop-Up Book and The Small World of Paper Toys.