Building Urban Landscapes The Work of Andrew Bromberg

Aaron Betsky, Andrew Bromberg


The work of Andrew Bromberg, of the global architecture and design practice Aedas and a leading light in cutting-edge design of skyscrapers and large-scale developments, has appeared all over Asia and the Arab peninsula. Born in the United States but now inhabiting the craggy mixture of natural and human-made rocks that define Hong Kong, Bromberg considers cities not just as collections of buildings but as human-made landscapes shaped by social and economic forces equivalent to the erosions, accretions, uplifts, and explosions that shape the natural world.

Through a series of conversations and five exploratory “walks”—Mountains; Canyons; Plains; Delta and Coast; and Islands, Rainforests, and Coasts—architecture critic Aaron Betsky exposes how Bromberg visualizes his settings and places his designs within the contexts in which they appear. Bromberg shows through his drawings and photographs what nature has meant, and still means, to him, observations that help readers understand the concept of urban tectonics in relation to its natural origins. Each chapter shows buildings that Bromberg has designed out of and for these environments and culminates in exploratory sketches for possible architectures on these sites.


Aaron Betsky


Aaron Betsky is dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and a former director of the Cincinnati Art Museum. He has written numerous monographs.

Andrew Bromberg


Andrew Bromberg is an American architect. He works in Hong Kong with architectural practice Aedas.