Will AI Replace Us? (The Big Idea Series)

Shelly Fan

This timely volume in The Big Idea series surveys the evolution of AI over the last sixty years and explores how it’s transforming society today and for decades to come.

Artificial Intelligence, which once felt like a far-off futuristic fantasy, is now changing everyday life. The past sixty years have witnessed astonishing bursts of growth in the field of AI—the science and computational technologies that teach machines to sense, learn, reason, and act. AI is already altering our lives in ways that benefit health, productivity, and entertainment. Are we on the threshold of an AI-dominated world in which humans will no longer be necessary?

Broken down into the past, present, and future of AI, Will AI Replace Us? gives the reader what they need to know in order to form an opinion about the revolutionary advances in technology. University of California, San Francisco, neuroscientist Dr. Shelly Fan expertly explains all sides of the debate, making the relevant science approachable for readers. Accompanying her intelligent text are numerous illustrations that add a compelling and informative visual element. Timely and relevant, Will AI Replace Us? is an important read in the Digital Age.


Informative and up-to-date.

— Choice

Fan believes that sophisticated computers will augment our jobs and our lives. In her view, the future of AI is closely linked to the future of mankind and how successfully or unsuccessfully we manage the social, economic and geopolitical challenges in front of us.

— New York Journal of Books


Shelly Fan


Dr. Shelly Fan is a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco. Her popular science articles have appeared in Scientific American Mind, and Discover. She works as a contributing editor at Singularity Hub, an online publication with an eye for salient scientific and technological progress, and runs the award-winning science blog NeuroFantastic.