Is Democracy Failing? (The Big Idea Series)

Niheer Dasandi

This captivating entry in The Big Idea series explores the history of democracy, as well as its evolution and viability moving forward. 

Only four countries around the world do not currently define themselves as democracies. However, many more do not fulfill the four basic requirements of democracy: free and fair elections, active participation of citizens in politics, protection of human rights, and the rule of law. Recently, far-right and populist politicians have been on the rise throughout the West. Is populism the new face of democracy? Is democracy simply the will of the people? Can any existing government claim to be truly democratic?

In Is Democracy Failing?, writer Niheer Dasandi, an expert in government and political science, investigates these questions with careful consideration. This captivating, articulate volume in the “Big Idea” series explores the state of democracy today and whether it remains a viable form of government. 


Niheer Dasandi


Niheer Dasandi is a Fellow in the School of Government and Political Science at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has written a number of academic papers and articles for national newspapers, including the Guardian.