Why do Cats Meow? Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets

Lily Snowden-Fine, Nick Crumpton

Charming and educational, Why Do Cats Meow? will teach you everything you’ve always wanted to know about your furry feline companion.

In this new addition to the Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets series, children will learn everything they’ve always wanted to know about their cats. This book answers questions like, “How long have people kept cats?,” “Why do cats like scratching chairs?,” “What does ‘meow’ mean?,” and “Do cats have nine lives?”

Combining mythological stories—such as how the superstitions surrounding black cats originated and the prominent role cats played in ancient Egyptian worship—with zoological information, Why Do Cats Meow? is a fun, unique reading experience. Children will learn how best to care for their own pet and come to understand why humans and cats have such a special relationship.


With appealingly naïve styling, Snowden-Fine's double-page spreads offer gentle humor as cats of vastly different species, colors, and sizes interpret the text… A good addition to the cat canon.

— Kirkus Reviews

Fun… With accessible factual answers, this enjoyable picture book will leave even veteran cat-lovers with their info-bank replenished.

— The Wall Street Journal


Lily Snowden-Fine


Lily Snowden-Fine is an illustrator and painter based in Toronto. Her clients include the New York Times and Globe and Mail, among others.

Nick Crumpton


Dr. Nick Crumpton is a zoologist at University College London. He completed his PhD at Cambridge University before working at the Natural History Museum and for the BBC as a journalist and researcher. He is the author of the Favorite Pets series and The Amazing Animal Atlas.