Sneakers Postcards


Collectable postcards featuring the bright, bold, unforgettable sneaker designs from Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide

Sneaker design in the twenty-first century has become an art form, and the resulting footwear produces the same drive to collect in some connoisseurs as a Rothko painting or a Picasso sketch does in others. Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide gathered the best limited edition and collaborative sneakers released over the last ten years, and now those covetable designs are available as hip, attractive postcards.

The coolest kicks are all here, from the split-toe design of the Nike Air Rift by Halle Berry and the kitschy print on the Nike Blazer by Liberty to the explosive graphics of the Air Jordan I “Wings for the Future” by Dave White and Keith Haring’s iconic dogs on Reebok’s Classic Leather Mid Strap Lux. Tape-bound in a book of thirty cards, each postcard is removable and ready to be mailed or hung up on a wall as art in itself.



Created By

U-Dox is an international design, branding, and media agency whose clients include Adidas, Reebok, and Nissan. They are creators of the sneaker collectors' website Crooked Tongues, and the books Sneakers: The Collectors' Guide and Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide.