The Pocket Square 22 Essential Folds

Alexander Phillips

The definitive illustrated guide to the pocket square: essential folds, etiquette, and style.


When, where, and how should a gentleman wear the perfect pocket square? This bold accessory adds the final flourish and character to a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. As delightfully entertaining as it is useful, the guide features twenty-two pocket square folds, from the simple and elegant Presidential to the complex and flamboyant Bouquet. Each fold is accompanied by easy-to-follow diagrams, bold color illustrations of how to wear a pocket square with panache, and brief descriptions and advice on when to wear each style.

Quotes from leading men synonymous with elegance and distinction from every decade—Cary Grant, Oscar Wilde, the Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, and Yves Saint Laurent—provide style inspiration.


must-have volume for stylish men everywhere, and the women who love them…. provides sharp style insight and inspiration


From the basic to the bold, A.C. Phillip's newest book, The Pocket Square: 22 Essential Folds covers every way to style this staple men's accessory….perfect gift for Father's Day or for any guy looking to take their outfits to the next level



Alexander Phillips


Alexander Phillips is a connoisseur of gentlemen’s tailoring and pattern design, with years of experience folding his own pocket squares.