Like a Hurricane An Unofficial Oral History of Street Fighter II

Matt Leone

This oral history of Street Fighter II is an intimate look at the creation of the iconic game and its impact on the videogame industry.

Like a Hurricane tells the story of the creation of one of the most important and beloved videogames of all time, Street Fighter II, and its subsequent impact on the industry, its creators, and the game-playing public that enthusiastically embraced it.

The culmination of years of research by gaming writer Matt Leone, Like a Hurricane gathers together more than sixty voices, spread across continents, disciplines, and companies, speaking candidly on the vision, fearlessness, and bold ambition that made Street Fighter II a household name.

A collaboration between Read-Only Memory and Polygon, Like a Hurricane is an extended and enhanced print adaptation of Matt Leone’s series of in-depth oral histories, published online in serial form by Polygon. This physical version has been extended and enhanced for print, featuring over fifty specially commissioned illustrations and extra research content.


Like a Hurricane is crafted with deep love and an invaluable work for a series that has become synonymous with a genre that is living its most interesting days at this moment… This book will please both the fans who want to know the curiosities behind the development of this legendary game, as well as anyone who wants to know more about how we used to perform hadoukens back in the day, and how much has changed since then.

— The Gamer


Matt Leone


Twenty-five years ago, Matt Leone couldn't think of anything better to pad out his birthday thank-you notes, so he filled them with Mortal Kombat II facts and has been writing about games ever since. Currently, he's an editor at Polygon, working with freelancers and reporting on behind-the-scenes aspects of the game industry. He is also the author of Like a Hurricane: An Unofficial Oral History of Street Fighter II.