Gateways to Art Understanding the Visual Arts

Debra J. DeWitte, Ralph M. Larmann, M. Kathryn Shields

Developing students’ visual analysis skills with strong pedagogical support 

Gateways to Art utilizes a student-centered approach, with an emphasis on visual analysis, cross-references that encourage comparison across time and geography, and a cohesive package of digital resources to engage and motivate students both in and out of class. Students can easily digest the brief chapters, and on-page glossary definitions improve comprehension. Updated coverage of contemporary art, including examples of art related to social justice, highlights the influence of current events on art. New to the Fourth Edition, a Norton Illumine Ebook shines light on Gateways to Art’s high-quality content through engaging and motivational features that illuminate core concepts for students in a supportive, low-stakes environment. The reading experience in Norton Illumine Ebooks promotes student accountability and improves preparation through easy-to-use assignment tools and LMS integration.  


Debra J. DeWitte


Debra J. DeWitte is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art & Art History at the University of Texas/Arlington.

Ralph M. Larmann


Ralph M. Larmann is a Professor of Art and the University of Evansville, Indiana.

M. Kathryn Shields


M. Kathryn Shields is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Guilford College, North Carolina.