France The Monocle Handbook

Tyler Brûl?, Andrew Tuck, Molly Price, Amy van den Berg

Discover Monocle's favorite places to stay, eat, shop, and visit across France.

Following Spain: The Monocle Handbook is the third title in the premium series of country-focused guides. France: The Monocle Handbook presents Monocle’s favorite spots across this sunny nation, from Paris and Marseille to Basque Country and Corsica.

Discover innovative retailers and charming hotels, as well as leading museums and galleries—and, of course, a vineyard or two. The book also introduces the smartest areas to move to, plus advice from the plucky entrepreneurs who’ve already set up shop. It’s time to see this varied country afresh.


Tyler Brûl?


Tyler Brûlé is editorial director and chairman of Monocle.

Andrew Tuck


Andrew Tuck is the magazine's editor-in-chief.

Molly Price


Molly Price is editor of book publishing at Monocle.

Amy van den Berg


Amy van den Berg is deputy books editor for Monocle.