Swim & Sun A Monocle Guide: Hot beach clubs, Perfect pools, Lake havens

Tyler Brûl?, Andrew Tuck, Joe Pickard

The Monocle team dips its toe into the world of swimming, revealing one hundred beautiful and inspiring places to take the plunge.

Swimming is excellent exercise of course, but it’s so much more than that: it can be a transcendental experience, offering us space to reflect and to escape. It’s an antidote to screens and all-encompassing technology. Perhaps it’s the shedding of inhibitions that come with a dip, or could it be that getting somewhere under our own steam is an act that’s health-giving, refreshing and life-affirming? Whatever it means to you, swimming—alone or with others, badly or brilliantly—is about being in the moment.

This new book celebrates bathing in glorious full-color photography, revealing the editors’ chosen swimming spots from inner-city architectural wonders to lakes, beach clubs and bagni. Whether you’re looking to do laps in Italy, tread water in Australia, sink into the icy depths in Iceland—or perhaps just sit on the side and let others do the hard work—this guide includes a setting for everyone. Dive right in.


Tyler Brûl?


Tyler Brûlé is editorial director and chairman of Monocle.

Andrew Tuck


Andrew Tuck is the magazine's editor-in-chief.

Joe Pickard


Joe Pickard is its head of book publishing.