Elements Chaos, Order and the Five Elemental Forces

Stephen Ellcock

A remarkable compendium of diverse and evocative imagery exploring the wide-ranging and profound associations of the five natural elements—masterfully curated by image alchemist and cult social media figure Stephen Ellcock.

Elements is an eclectic, evocative, and resoundingly beautiful treasury of imagery exploring depictions of the elemental forces that reveal their profound significance to ancient philosophers, alchemists, and astrologers, and modern artists, photographers, and scientists alike. Expertly curated, themed, and paired by image alchemist Stephen Ellcock, modern and visionary images are juxtaposed with the ancient and arcane, and the creative power of the elements is contrasted with the disastrous.

Following physician and occultist Robert Fludd's (1574–1637) order of the elements, Ellcock guides readers through a remarkable selection of images, ascending from earth through water, air, and fire before culminating in the most spiritual of the elements, celestial aether. He makes parallels with the five elements of eastern philosophies and their relationship to the chakras, acupuncture, and Chinese astrology. Introductory text explores how the elements have defined the components of Earth and the heavens since the ancient creation myths from around the world that first proposed the elements as the fundamental substances of the universe. Insightful panel texts punctuate the pages, illuminating key concepts. Pertinent literary, philosophical, and spiritual quotations are interspersed with the amazing images, presenting further commentary on the overarching themes.

At a time when humanity's relationship with the Earth teeters on the edge of catastrophe, this compendium of images exploring the natural elements envisions the possibility of earthly and spiritual harmony emerging from the chaos.


Stephen Ellcock


Stephen Ellcock is a renowned image collector whose online “cabinet of curiosities”—an ever-expanding, virtual museum of art that is open to all via social media—has attracted more than 633,000 followers worldwide. His most recent book, Underworlds: A Compelling Journey Through Subterranean Realms, Real and Imagined, was published in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He is also the author of The Cosmic Dance: Finding Patterns and Pathways in a Chaotic Universe.