Cosmic Numerology

Jenn King

An illustrated guide to harnessing your full potential using the power of numbers, via astrology and planets. 

The practice of numerology has fascinated people since ancient times, from Egypt to the Roman Empire, and from India to Scandinavia. Numbers are a universal language that can help make sense of the seemingly chaotic world we inhabit.

Cosmic Numerology is numerology with an extra dimension. Numerologist and astrophile Jenn King pairs mystical mathematics with planetary power so readers can tap into deeper levels of self-knowledge, access their talents, and enhance their relationships by charting their cosmic course with the numbers and planets by their side. Each chapter includes a section on making the most of a particular day’s unique energy, as well as plants and oils, meditations, power colors, and body zones that enhance a planet’s power.

This book allows readers to tune into the number and planet energies at play in their lives and use this knowledge to maximize the gifts bestowed on them by their birth chart. Offering unique insight into the workings of each day of the year, this profusely illustrated book is both a manual and a lovely object. 


Jenn King


Jenn King has studied the bewitching qualities of numbers from childhood. After more than a decade in the film industry in the United Kingdom and Australia, she changed careers and created her own version of numerology, in which each number and its ruling planet come together as one. Since then she has been writing daily number and planet forecasts and creating personal numerology charts. Jenn is also a qualified yoga teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist.