Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints

Lynn MacRitchie, Craig Hartley, Robert Kudielka, Alexandra Tommasini, Rosay Gubay

A completely up-to-date catalogue raisonné of celebrated artist Bridget Riley’s graphic work.

Throughout her long and heralded career, Bridget Riley has made screenprints exploring how the principles of her paintings transfer onto a reproducible medium. Bringing together the complete, updated inventory of this substantial body of work, this volume explores Riley’s development as a printmaker, the importance of the work as an element of her artistic practice, and her relationship to the medium.

Newly revised, updated, and designed, this catalogue raisonne´ richly illustrates Bridget Riley’s graphic work in a larger, enhanced format. Alongside a full-color inventory of the prints is a foreword by Riley and updated essays by Lynn MacRitchie and Craig Hartley as well as an additional essay by Robert Kudielka, which provide new context and insight to Riley’s work. This edition, a co-publication with The Bridget Riley Art Foundation, also benefits from an artist biography and selected solo and group exhibition history. Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints is an excellent addition to the shelves of collectors and fans of Riley’s work, students, and art historians.


Lynn MacRitchie


Lynn MacRitchie has been active as an artist and writer since the 1970s.

Craig Hartley


Craig Hartley was formerly the curator in charge of prints at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Robert Kudielka


Robert Kudielka is the Professor Emeritus of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at the University of the Arts, Berlin.

Alexandra Tommasini


Alexandra Tommasini is Bridget Riley’s archivist.

Rosay Gubay


Rosay Gubay is Bridget Riley's archivist.