Arent & Pyke Interiors Beyond the Primary Palette

Juliette Arent, Sarah-Jane Pyke

Discover Arent & Pyke’s distinctive brand of decorative modernism through their experimental use of unique color and material pairings.

To Arent & Pyke, the objects that tell stories, the colors that call to the senses, and the materials that evoke certain moods all play a vital role in the design of a home. Known for their focus on the psychology of space, the design duo maintains that a well-designed home can enrich your life. Their masterful approach to color and materials results in optimistic, meaningful interiors high on both charm and comfort.

The softer nuanced tones of the tertiary palette, colors such as coral, nougat, and olive are used to lift the spirits in combination with arresting material pairings to evoke a nostalgic allure. Whether it’s the drama of three different types of marble or a checkerboard terrazzo floor of variegated greens, the Arent & Pyke signature style balances both color and materiality.

This book showcases their best work and addresses their design ethos through the themes of joy, color, character, spirit, and alchemy. Each of the projects featured includes paint names, fabric brands, key learnings, and insights into how these spaces were created. Generously illustrated and artfully designed, Arent & Pyke exemplifies how a thoughtfully designed space has the power to generate a sense of grounding, comfort, and freedom to create a full, joyous living experience.


A vibrant coffee-table book… Generous photographs of homes Arent and Pyke have decorated illustrate what [their] principles look like in practice… Color's ability to affect mood makes it the author's favorite tool… The appealing interiors are worth the price of admission.

— Publishers Weekly


Juliette Arent


Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke share a passion for design that places people at its heart. Their approach is deeply empathic and collaborative as they craft mindful interiors that respond to and reflect the lifestyles of their owners. With combined backgrounds in architecture, interior design, and fine arts, the pair brought their years of design expertise, rigorous attention to detail, and visionary flair to form the award-winning Sydney-based design practice Arent&Pyke in 2007.

Sarah-Jane Pyke