Shared Living Interior Design for Rented and Shared Spaces

Emily Hutchinson

Inspiration and interior design for those who crave a tasteful home—while sharing with roommates.

In the current housing market, with more people moving to cities than ever before, those who live with roommates are no longer exclusively recent college graduates with clashing decorating senses and mismatched furniture. For many, it is perfectly normal to share a house or an apartment with other adults in order to save money, without sacrificing personal style in the home.

Shared Living offers design examples for people who seek a sophisticated look in their shared space. Featuring roommates who are getting it right, this book delves into homes around the world where cohabitants have found savvy ways of decorating together. A restored storage unit in Brooklyn is now home to two creative brothers; a house in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, is decorated with an eclectic mix of old and new (including an original Matisse!); and a small London apartment merges bold colors with clusters of collectables to achieve domestic harmony.

Through each stage of shared living—from finding a place to merging styles— this book offers practical advice and tips for DIY styling, such as how to upcycle furniture or scour flea markets for unique finds. It is the essential resource for roommates seeking inspiration for their home.


This book brings readers inside shared houses and apartments from Tokyo to Australia to New York, showing how various groupings of people have made cohabitation work.

— Minneapolis Star Tribune


Emily Hutchinson


Emily Hutchinson‘s passion for interior design was sparked when she became a writer at Houzz Australia. She is an expert on shared living, having inhabited many a shared home from Sydney to New York.