Textiles: The Whole Story


“When this book was published in hardcover in 2011, I called it 'a bravura scholarly performance' …It is a pleasure to see this paperback form, at roughly half the original price.”

— Stanley Abercrombie Interior Design



“Brings us to faraway places…. Gives a duck’s-eye view of the nation.”

— Daily News Los Angeles

“A monumental undertaking…. The perspective, proportions, distance to the shore, and even the seasons, ebb and flow fluidly, mixing single moments from four months of work into a continuous visual experience.”

— Orion

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Photography


“Boasting 1,200 entries, this sharp volume is proof that while the Internet is a seemingly infinite source of information, there is no substitute for a well-edited (and handsome) dictionary.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

“This concise reference does a fine job of covering the artistic, cultural, historical, and technical aspects of the vast field of photography. Eighty researchers and 150 consultants in the field were consulted, giving this work a global focus and scholarly gravitas, yet the entries are very accessible… Recommended for most public and academic libraries and essential for special collections in photography.”

— Booklist

“The history and global sweep of photography are well served by this comprehensive, elegant reference book, produced by an impressive international team… A sturdy, tall-format binding, heavy matte paper, and a terrific layout with lots of white space add to the book's functional and aesthetic appeal. Important publications are noted in the entries for further research and will prove helpful for librarians involved in collection building. Highly recommended.”

— Choice

“An indispensable reference volume for an exquisitely distilled compendium of the most significant contributions to the art…. The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Photography takes us back to an earlier way of engaging with information, giving us the opportunity to find and discover gems at our fingertips, reminding us that there's nothing quite like the experience of the book itself.”

— Crave Online

That's My Hat!


“With its bold primary color scheme, engaging visual humor, and various amusing encounters, this is a chase worth taking part in.”

— Publishers Weekly

The Theatre of Apparitions


“Roger Ballen explores a new realm, carving out figures from black paint on glass to create cave-drawing abstractions, with the usual psychological twists. In chapters with titles ranging from 'Eros' to 'Melancholy,' he probes dreamlike corners of the human psyche.”

— American Photo

“The visual Shakespeare of our time, with good measures of Freud and Jung tossed in, especially Jung!… [Ballen] knows the many parts we play externally in the drama of life, but also most especially the archetypal parts within each of us that are struggling and trying to assert themselves, as some of them may wish to be externalized; they hover, cower, act out the most secret of emotions, desires, fears, and drives, and translate them into potential actions in our everyday existence. The shadows know it all… In collaboration with Marguerite Rossouw, Ballen paints and draws these spirits on windows and other panes, then photographs the results, one-of-a-kind and ethereal as works of art, and short-lived except through the photographs and this book, a source of self-discovery and astonishment for those who dare.”

— The PhotoBook

Thierry Mugler


“Filled with stunning photographs”

— Zink

“Filled with stunning photographs chronicling the designer’s work, Thierry Mugler: Galaxy Glamour is in itself a work of well-organized art”

— Zink

Think and Make Like an Artist: Art Activities for Creative kids


““Aspiring young artists looking for creative inspiration will be well served by this engaging book of lively art projects. All the projects featured are bright, colorful, and a little zany and none require advanced artistic skills. ””

— Booklist

“An inspiring introduction to the concept of art as a vehicle to comment on or question the world… Tackling painting, sculpture, paper craft, photography, and more, this art-related activity book asks readers to respond to the world around them by creating. The instructions leave room for experimentation, and suggested materials are easy to find, often incorporating everyday household objects. Great for teachers, libraries, and budding makers looking for fresh and colorful hands-on activities.”

— School Library Journal

“The perfect gift for the budding artist. Different from a run-of-the-mill crafting book… while also providing instructions for some thoughtful, display-worthy crafts.”

— ArtDesk

This Book Thinks You're A Scientist: Experiment, Imagine, Create


“Playfully illustrated with sketchlike cartoons and doctored photos, this activity book is inspired by Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery, an interactive exhibit opening at the Science Museum in London in October 2016. Seven core subjects are addressed through simple activities [that] encourage imagination, curiosity, and careful observation. Readers are invited to add their observations and conclusions into the scrapbook-style pages.”

— Publishers Weekly

This Book Thinks You're an Artist


“This book's playful, creative activities help you work through key topics in art.”

— Learning

“Being an artist is as simple as creating art, [author] Amson-Bradshaw suggests in this hands-on creativity book. Chapters introduce concepts and techniques in approachable ways, with activities devoted to observing objects, creating images chat demonstrate perspective and depth, and filling in shades on a color wheel… [Illustrator] Russell integrates original illustrations with samples of classic art objects, presenting a visually engrossing template for readers' own work.”

— This Book Thinks You're an Artist

This Way Madness Lies


This Way Madness Lies tells a colorful history, one rich in incident…The book's wealth of artwork has been sumptuously reproduced.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“An illuminating, generously illustrated book that accompanies the exhibition Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond on madness and the history of its treatment.”

— SCIENCE Magazine

“Fascinating and lavishly illustrated…Provides a lively account of developments in the past three centuries [about] the fate of the mentally ill. Mr. Jay has taken great pains to try to recover what it must have been like to be a patient in the asylum and to offer an array of images, made by the inmates themselves, that give some access to their feelings about their confinement and the emotional and intellectual turmoil that consumed them.”

— The Wall Street Journal

Three Centuries of American Prints


“The innovative and handsomely illustrated companion volume makes its own lasting impression….Print exhibition catalogs are not generally known for their biting wit.”

— Antiques and The Arts Weekly

Through the Forest


“With a broad, brown path winding through to trace with a finger, Brocoli's painted scenes of stylized wildlife in woodsy settings look bright and busy without sacrificing an idyllic air. Young audiences eager to strike out on their own, but not too far, will enjoy [this] walk in the woods, with choose-your-own routes.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“enchanting illustrations and intriguing stories…. for readers that love to imagine adventures around every corner”

— Cherry Blossoms the Blog

“A young adventurer's delight…. The collage-like artwork is soft, plush and kid-friendly so that whether children end up in the dark or up a tree to escape wild animals, the scenario is not scary at all; just thrilling, the way any adventure should be.”

— Picture Book Depot

Tibet: An Inner Journey


“Has captured the spirituality, purity and courage of the people of Tibet, along with the beauty of their homeland.”

— Inquiring Mind

“Matthieu’s spiritual life and his camera are one and the same, and it is from this unity that these fleeting yet eternal images spring.”

— Henri Cartier-Bresson

Timmy the Tug


“Hughes fans especially will value this rough-hewn gem”

— Publishers Weekly

“Vigorous, witty, and, as in all [Hughes’s] subsequent poetry for children, free from the temptation of talking down to his readers.”

— The Times [London]

Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now


“A fascinating primer on graffiti writers and culture. Readers interested in the birth of hip-hop, urban culture, or modern art will find this work especially engrossing …The ultimate fascination lies in the artists’ dissection and analyses of their own styles and those of their contemporaries. Readers may be surprised by the careful thought and planning that the execution of each piece entailed.”

— Library Journal

“Presents the first-person accounts of 12 infamous graffiti writers of the 1970s.”

— Fast Co.Design

“With panoramic photographs by Henry Chalfant, a producer of the 1983 documentary Style Wars, and first-person accounts captured by former graffiti artist Sacha Jenkins, Training Days opens a window onto the hidden practice of these artists.”

— Public Art Review

“What comes across most clearly is the power of the human spirit. In a volume only six inches by eight inches, photographs add flavor but, unlike most graffiti books, the words dominate.”

— Rock & Rap Confidential

Travelling through the Eye of History


“This remarkable collection of color photographs takes viewers on a memorable journey through the stark yet strikingly unfamiliar regions of central Asia… Will captivate serious photographers including amateurs and photojournalists, as well as anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Central Asia.”

— Library Journal