You Might Find Yourself

Tai Snaith

A charming and totally original picture book illustrated in mixed media—combining clay, watercolor, and gouache—that celebrates empathy, compassion, and the power of the imagination.


You Might Find Yourself follows a curious child as they navigate the endless possibilities of the world through their imagination. This inspiring tale, illustrated in lovingly handcrafted mixed media, including clay, watercolor, and gouache, invites readers to prioritize feelings of resilience and collaboration while on life’s winding path.

From eating green beans with a king and queen to playing a hologram guitar from the future, You Might Find Yourself encourages an exploration of empathy and compassion. In weird and wonderful ways, author and illustrator Tai Snaith unleashes the power of our imagination on a journey full of possibilities. All you need to do is imagine where you might find yourself.


Delightfully whimsical… The text always encourages readers to make life choices that uphold values such as helping, sharing, and togetherness.

— Kirkus Reviews


Tai Snaith


Tai Snaith is a Melbourne-based curator and writer and award-winning artist. She has written and illustrated five picture books.