Writing About Art

Karen Gocsik, Elizabeth Adan

A complete guide for introductory students that demystifies writing about art.

Writing About Art walks students through every step of the writing process—from looking critically at art, to researching, to developing a thesis, to revising and polishing a final draft. Questions and examples prompt readers as they study artworks, develop a thesis, structure an argument, and cite research.


Karen Gocsik


Karen Gocsik is director of the Warren College Writing Program at the University of California, San Diego, where she teaches first-year composition and a graduate-level training course for the program’s teaching assistants. Professor Gocsik previously taught first-year writing at Dartmouth College, where she was also Executive Director of the Writing & Rhetoric Program. In 2012, Professor Gocsik was nationally recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the “300 Best Professors in America.

Elizabeth Adan


Elizabeth Adan teaches art history and is affiliated faculty in the department of women’s and gender studies at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where she is professor in the College of Liberal Arts.