Women Who Heal Natural Practices for Body and Soul

Emma Drady

Lean into nature: learn how to reconnect with yourself and the natural world through the stories of twenty-five inspiring women.

The nature prescription: potential side effects may include improved mood, a stronger sense of self, and spontaneous euphoria.

Women everywhere are searching for answers to better support their well-being and find balance in their lives. But what if there were a solution? One that improves our physical and mental health while also strengthening our relationships, our sense of community, and our purpose. In Women Who Heal, women’s health naturopath Emma Drady has assembled the communal wisdom of women from around the world to unearth the missing piece of the puzzle: our connection with nature.

From nature drawing and finding a sit spot, to cold-water immersion and plant meditation—tried and tested by the diverse range of women featured here—connecting with nature helps boost happiness, calms the nervous system, and reduces stress. By connecting more with nature, you will connect with yourself.


Emma Drady


Emma Drady is a naturopath working in the complementary health industry. She treats women of various ages, cultures, and backgrounds to help them achieve their health goals with the use of herbal medicine, wholefood nutrition, and lifestyle advice. Emma has a deep understanding of the science behind plants, the function of the human body, and the relationship between lifestyle and how it impacts our health. Her passion for nature and supporting women has driven her to write this book.