What's the Future of Fashion?

Frances Corner


The fashion industry (worth over $1 trillion and employing over 26 million people worldwide) is by no means immune to the environmental, social, and generational challenges that are leading businesses around the world to reconsider long- established practices. Whether it’s facing up to unsustainable production methods, embracing radical new modes of communication, or learning to cater to a new generation of young customers and emerging niche markets across the world, the fashion industry is actively being reshaped by the demands of today’s world. Frances Corner, head of London College of Fashion, guides the reader through the rapid changes taking place and toward the future of the fashion industry.

This book is a must-have resource for fashion insiders, professionals, and fashionistas everywhere. It is composed of short paragraphs, each dealing with a specific aspect of fashion industry disruption: from innovative “slow fashion” businesses, brands opting to manufacture locally, the rise of artisan designers and one-person microfashion brands to social media “shop windows,” or the ways in which fashion is being used to encourage social and ethnic diversity.


Frances Corner


Frances Corner is the head of London College of Fashion, the world’s leading educational establishment specializing in fashion education, research, and consultancy. She sits on the British Fashion Council’s Advisory Board and the executive committee of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, and regularly advises stakeholders in the fashion industry. She writes widely on art and design education and her previous publications include Why Fashion Matters.