Travelling through the Eye of History

Daniel Schwartz

Central Asia is the subject matter of this travelogue by a photographer working in the tradition of the great nineteenth-century explorers.


The Silk Road, Transcaspia, the Pamir Highway, the Alai Corridor, the Khyber Pass, the Taklamakhan Desert: this is the magnificent terrain where the geopolitical ambitions of empires have played out. Central Asia is the largest natural fortress on earth, traversed by a few routes that have been used by traders and armies since earliest times and are still today the arteries for those in search of power, profit, or refuge. Warlords, border officials, businessmen, smugglers, and refugees are among those who populate the landscapes depicted here, from desert heartlands to zones of war and uneasy peace.


This remarkable collection of color photographs takes viewers on a memorable journey through the stark yet strikingly unfamiliar regions of central Asia… Will captivate serious photographers including amateurs and photojournalists, as well as anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Central Asia.

— Library Journal


Daniel Schwartz


Daniel Schwartz is a Swiss photographer. He is the author of Travelling Through the Eye of History, Delta: The Perils, Profits and Politics of Water in South and Southeast Asia, and The Great Wall of China.