Toxic The World's Deadliest Creatures

Ico Romero Reyes, Tania Garcia

Discover a spine-tingling collection of toxic animals, and learn about the astonishing strategies they use to deliver venom and poison. 

Creatures from all around the animal kingdom wield a mysterious weapon that is key to their survival: poison! These sophisticated concoctions are designed with precision to defy predators or subdue prey. Within these pages, children will learn all about big-eyed critters with a poisonous secret; tiny, flashy octopuses that can kill in minutes; the world’s deadliest spiders, snakes, and scorpions; and more!

An entertaining and beautifully illustrated survey of the use of poison in the animal kingdom that brims with facts and figures, as well as a quiz for children to test their knowledge. 


Ico Romero Reyes


Ico Romero Reyes worked at New York's American Museum of Natural History for over six years, but now lives in Barcelona. She is passionate about producing content for kids and teens.

Tania Garcia

Illustrated By

Tánia García is an acclaimed illustrator and designer from Barcelona. Her book Uno, Un Millón was shortlisted for the Association of Illustrators' World Illustration Awards 2021 in the Children's Publishing category.