Total Office Design 50 Contemporary Workplaces

Kerstin Zumstein, Helen Parton


Architects and interior designers face new and increasing challenges in office design. Employers still want to have inspiring offices for their employees (and to impress their clients), often with exotic features alongside the usual spaces and functions, but the design brief also must consider tighter budgets, increasingly strict environmental requirements, and the changing nature of how and where we work.

This international survey of fifty offices—all built since 2007—profiles designs that have risen to the challenges. There are low-cost offices for smaller companies that typically use recycled materials and a craft-oriented approach to interiors. In what might be considered the “classical approach” to office design, plans for medium-sized offices often place a strong emphasis on environmental sensitivity and working within a tight budget. Large, often multinational, corporations need significant floor area for their employees, and while the projects have greater budgets, they also have to answer major environmental requirements.


Kerstin Zumstein


Kerstin Zumstein is the editor of OnOffice, the leading workplace design magazine. Zumstein lives in London.

Helen Parton


Helen Parton’s work has appeared in magazines including OnOffice, Grand Design, and FX. She lives in London.