Through the Forest

Steffie Brocoli, Catherine Bidet

A choose-your-own-adventure story whose fantastical illustrations will engage children exploring on their own or sharing an adventure with their parents


Through the Forest is a game book in which the reader is the hero! Through the use of delicate yet enchanting illustrations and an intriguing story, illustrator Steffie Brocoli and author Catherine Bidet create an adventure tale to guide children through the wild and mysterious forest.

The book begins by introducing readers to their friendly guide, Mother Forest. Where they go next is up to them. To go north, turn to page 2. To travel south instead, go to page 3. The possibilities appear to be limitless and no two adventures are the same. Whether it’s a family of badgers, scary insects, or a crazy cuckoo bird, something new is around every corner and behind every page.


A young adventurer's delight…. The collage-like artwork is soft, plush and kid-friendly so that whether children end up in the dark or up a tree to escape wild animals, the scenario is not scary at all; just thrilling, the way any adventure should be.

— Picture Book Depot

With a broad, brown path winding through to trace with a finger, Brocoli's painted scenes of stylized wildlife in woodsy settings look bright and busy without sacrificing an idyllic air. Young audiences eager to strike out on their own, but not too far, will enjoy [this] walk in the woods, with choose-your-own routes.

— Kirkus Reviews


Steffie Brocoli


Steffie Brocoli is an illustrator whose books include It Snowed this Morning.

Catherine Bidet


Catherine Bidet is an author who collaborates with her daughter, illustrator Steffie Brocoli.