This Book Thinks You're an Artist

Harriet Russell, Caroline Osborne, Laura Worsley

The third title in an innovative series, perfect for budding artists who enjoy hands-on learning


Filled with creative, playful activities, This Book Thinks You’re an Artist asks budding artists to imagine their eccentric- artist alter ego before working through seven key topics: observation, drawing, color pattern, design, sculpture, and, crucially, how to steal ideas (Be inspired! Offend the viewer!). Each spread offers a different project—everything you need to make your own work of art inspired by a famous artist or movement in a lighthearted and playful tone. Activities include making a Bruegel circus, playing a Surrealist game, selling a scribble for a million dollars, and painting your face like a Russian Futurist. A section of paper-based crafts at the end of the book even includes a kit to build a viewfinder and make a mini-manifesto book.


This book's playful, creative activities help you work through key topics in art.

— Learning

Being an artist is as simple as creating art, [author] Amson-Bradshaw suggests in this hands-on creativity book. Chapters introduce concepts and techniques in approachable ways, with activities devoted to observing objects, creating images chat demonstrate perspective and depth, and filling in shades on a color wheel… [Illustrator] Russell integrates original illustrations with samples of classic art objects, presenting a visually engrossing template for readers' own work.

— This Book Thinks You're an Artist


Harriet Russell

Illustrated By

Harriet Russell is a London-based artist. She has written and illustrated six books for children and is the illustrator of the activity series This Book Thinks You’re a …, which has sold in over twenty languages.

Caroline Osborne

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Caroline Osborne has taught art history for more than thirty years.

Laura Worsley

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Laura Worsley is an art historian and teacher.