The Traveler's Guide to Classical Philosophy

John Gaskin

A companion for visitors to Greece and Rome, and for armchair travelers as well.


John Gaskin unfolds the thinking about nature, life, death, and other worlds that informed the culture and society of the classical world—still visible in today’s cityscapes and archaeological sites—and draws out its relevance and interest for the modern reader.

It was the Greeks who first asked and discussed in a rational way two fundamental questions that never cease to concern thinking human beings: what is the nature of the universe, and what can I make of my brief time in it? Their answers, developed between the eighth century BC and the fourth century AD, are still relevant to the modern reader and traveler. The author associates each philosopher and his ideas with a particular tourist destination, and a gazetteer describes the sites and notes the people and ideas connected with them.


John Gaskin


John Gaskin, formerly Professor of Naturalistic Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, frequently lectures on cruises to the classical sites of the Aegean.