The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Design Since 1900

Guy Julier


"A marvelous handbook for professional designers, students, or anyone with a curiosity about design." Ballast Quarterly Review This comprehensive guide embraces all aspects of modern design: graphics, products, interiors, furniture, and industrial and architectural design. Guy Julier examines not only the work of important designers worldwide but also the many dramatic changes that have influenced design and its uses in the twentieth century. Thus political and ideological concepts such as feminism and green design are defined and explained, as are new technological advances, new materials and techniques, and influential movements in modern culture. The text incorporates extensive cross-referencing and full bibliographical notes along with a chronological chart of design highlights since 1900. The revised edition features over sixty completely new entries that reflect three important developments in design and its discussiondigitization, sustainability, and brandingranging from Nintendo and The Body Shop to McDonald's and Levi's. 220 illustrations.


Guy Julier