The Stuff You Can't Bottle Advertising for the Global Youth Market

King Adz

How to create great youth advertising campaigns in an environment where the medium is no longer the message

You can‘t bottle it, you can‘t Google it. The only way for brands to connect with the Internet-savvy, networked youth of today is to get involved with the cultures and subcultures that make up their world.

Through eighty-eight topics, King Adz shares his unique insights into the lives of young people around the globe. From North America, Brazil, and Europe to Russia, China, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, and beyond, his research has taken him to skate parks, clubs, music festivals, and street art events. His focus is on sixteen- to twenty-four-year-olds, but the trends that originate with this age group reverberate through a far wider demographic. Case histories of stand-out campaigns and brands—Vans, Stüssy, Levi‘s, and others—are included as well as interviews with advertising executives who have succeeded in this notoriously tricky market.


King Adz


King ADZ, aka Adam N. Stone, is an advertising/branding professional, filmmaker, and author. His other books include Blek le Rat with Sybille Prou, The Stuff You Can’t Bottle, and Unbrandable.