The New Mathematics of Architecture

Jane Burry, Mark Burry


Architecture has always relied on mathematics to achieve visual harmony, structural integrity, and logical construction. Now digital tools and an increasing interest in physics have given architects the means to describe and build spatial constructs that would have been inconceivable even ten years ago.

This carefully researched survey of forty-six international projects offers an overview of how different strategies are being employed through accessible illustrations and clear text. Each section presents case studies of projects by globally recognized architects in diagrams, photographs, and texts.


A must-have book.

— Architects’ Journal

…thoughtful, engaging, and richly-illustrated.

— Architectural Record


Jane Burry


Jane Burry holds a degree in mathematics and is a registered architect. She is currently a research fellow at RMIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) in Melbourne.

Mark Burry


Mark Burry is professor and director of SIAL and founding director of RMIT’s Design Institute. He is an international expert on the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, and is currently using digital technology to help complete the Sagrada Família in Barcelona.