The New Jewelers Desirable Collectable Contemporary

Olivier Dupon

A must for any aficionado of jewelry, design, or craft: a worldwide survey of over 100 new jewelers and their exquisite designs


Jewelry has long been an accessory attributed with talismanic power and significance, and its appeal crosses all boundaries of culture, age, and gender. In this beautiful new book, Olivier Dupon introduces over 100 of the finest modern jewelers practicing today. Both up-and-coming and established designers are featured, and the sheer variety of their work is amazing. The book showcases fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, luxury jewelry, conceptual jewelry, and more. Hundreds of color photographs display the work, and there are also portraits of designers at work as well as shots of studios, workshops, and boutiques. Every type of jewelry—earrings and rings, brooches and bracelets, headpieces and necklaces—is represented. Rough stones appear with exquisitely faceted gems; organic forms vie with geometric structures; feathers and leather take their place next to platinum and diamonds. The range of designers is global, and for most of them this is the first time their work is appearing in book form.


While Dupon's delightful work may seem like a coffee-table book, it is much more. This guide …should be found in a variety of libraries with collections focusing on fashion, decorative arts, and photography. Highly recommended.

— Library Journal


Olivier Dupon


Olivier Dupon began his career at Christian Dior, then worked as a buyer and now scouts international markets in search of exciting practitioners of design/art/craft. His books include The New Artisans, The New P\xc3\x83\xc2\xa2tissiers, The New Artisans II and Shoe: Contemporary Footwear by Inspiring Designers.