The Mr Porter Paperback The Manual for a Stylish Life

Jeremy Langmead


Mr Porter, the global online retail destination for men’s style, not only stocks more than 170 of the world’s leading menswear brands, but provides a haven of advice, information, and male-friendly guidance. The site has proved that fashion can be successfully sold on the internet while appearing alongside compelling editorial content.

Now The Mr Porter Paperback defines a whole new generation of men. Elegant, simple, and classically contemporary, the book contains interviews and insider tips—from “How to Appreciate Jazz” to “Creating a Bespoke Bloody Mary” or “Getting Out of a Hair Rut” —as well as recommendations, style commentaries, and insider articles on biker jackets, knitted ties, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tweed or shawl-collared cardigans, and much more. The clever and attractive design happily juxtaposes the Duke of Windsor with David Beckham. As Jeremy Langmead, Mr Porter’s Editor-in-Chief, says: “There are no fashion diktats anymore, no trends you have to follow; today, it’s just about feeling good, looking your best (because you want to), and enjoying every moment of it.”


Endeavors to provide a primer on all things fashionable for gentlemen.

— ProtoView

Serves as the essential tome for all things stylish.

— HILuxury


Jeremy Langmead


Jeremy Langmead is the founding editor-in-chief of and former editor of Wallpaper and Esquire.