The MR. PORTER Guide to a Better Day

Jeremy Langmead

The absolute best advice from experts in men’s fashion and lifestyle forms the ultimate handbook on daily living for the modern man.

The MR. PORTER Guide to a Better Day is a dawn-to-dusk manual for living effortlessly and elegantly as a man in the modern world. Across nine chapters, this guide covers all aspects of daily life, from morning rituals and flawless grooming, to handy tips for managing your work and social life.

Compiled by the editors of MR PORTER, an award-winning leader in men’s fashion, and featuring wisdom from Tom Ford, Laird Hamilton, and more, this volume explores the habits and routines of the world’s most stylish men. Every chapter is packed with expert advice, helpful illustrations, and full- color photography. Of course, it has the sartorial side covered, too: dedicated “How to Dress” sections between chapters each offer a deep dive into contemporary menswear, with advice on what to wear and how to wear it, whether you’re heading out for a fancy dinner, or spending a weekend recovering from said dinner. Drawing on MR PORTER’s unparalleled experience of dressing discerning gentlemen across the globe, it is the definitive volume that every man of taste should have on his bookshelf this season.


Jeremy Langmead


Jeremy Langmead is the founding editor-in-chief of and former editor of Wallpaper and Esquire.