The Lives of Lee Miller

Antony Penrose

Published to coincide with the release of the film Lee, starring Kate Winslet as Lee Miller, a biography described by the Sunday Times as "a fascinating revelation of an adventurous and protean spirit."

Beautiful, bewitching and an exceptionally good photographer, Lee Miller was one of life's adventurers.

She became a Vogue cover girl in 1920s New York before embracing Paris, photography and Surrealism, and then dramatically changed her life yet again, reinventing herself as a war correspondent, notably covering the liberation of Dachau.

These are but three of the many lives of Lee Miller, intimately recorded here by her son, Antony Penrose. Featuring a selection of Miller’s finest work, including portraits of her friends Picasso, Tanning and Ernst, Penrose’s tribute to his mother brings to life a uniquely talented woman and the turbulent times in which she lived.


[Miller] created images that demand attention.

— The Wall Street Journal

This handsome monograph…collects more than 100 photographs from each phase of Miller's storied career, imagery that affirms the complete ease and mastery of each genre she explored… She had a knack for transforming prosaic objects and moments into startlingly surreal visual statements… [A] must-have book.

— Black & White Magazine


Antony Penrose


Antony Penrose is a British photographer. The son of Sir Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, Penrose is director of the Lee Miller Archives and the Penrose Collection at his parents' former home, Farleys House. He wrote the biography The Lives of Lee Miller.