The Library Book

Gabby Dawnay, Ian Morris

A sweet storybook recounts how a boy who doesn’t like reading is finally won over during a visit to the library.


Zach would much rather watch TV than flip through a boring book. But thanks to his friend’s stubborn efforts to show him the magic and excitement of reading, Jack finally goes to the library and finds a book he can’t put down.

Featuring simple, rhyming text by Gabby Dawnay and dynamic pen- and-ink drawings by illustrator Ian Morris, this story is an ode to the joys of reading and a love letter to books and libraries.


Scribbly line art by Morris, in a style reminiscent of Quentin Blake and Matthew Cordell, portrays an immense library with rickety ladders, a friendly dinosaur shelf, and book stacks large enough to climb… A celebration of books and literacy… Dawnay's lines preach the thrill of finding a new read.

— Publishers Weekly

For those who love to read, the library is a wondrous place—books as far as the eye can see. Morris leans into the magic and enchantment even further: At this library, books are stacked in mountainous piles, with eager children scaling the teetering towers, trying to find the perfect tale just for them… Dawnay's rhyming couplets scan well and read aloud easily… Here's hoping reluctant readers will be inspired to search for their own perfect books.

— Kirkus Reviews


Gabby Dawnay


Gabby Dawnay is the bestselling author of ten books for children, a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine, and a scriptwriter for children’s television.

Ian Morris

Illustrated By

Ian Morris is a debut illustrator who lives in Manchester, England. Ian was named one of the top ten upcoming image makers by the Association of Illustrators.